Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Q&A #1

I had forgotten when a girl asks for questions and you're friends with Brooke that you'll inevitably get this questions.  Others have asked for questions, and she has always asked this one.  And who am I to avoid the tough questions.  I mean...I am a mother of three.

"you know I'm gonna ask poop question.  Like how long is your longest.  Do you ever, under any circumstances show it to B or your kids.  Would you rather ______ or eat poop."

So.  My longest? I'm not exactly sure because I've never actually *measured* the length of my poop.  I am not quite as poop-obsessed as Brooke.  :)  I have never shown my poop to anyone before...with no plans to start.   And I'd rather do just about anything than eat poop.  But for the sake of answering with a specific answer for Brooke...I'd rather eat tuna casserole than eat poop.  (I abhor hot tuna fish out of a can.  For me it's like eating vomit.)

The next question I'll answer is from Lisa.

"Do you run still? Are you signed up for any races? When will I see you again?"

This first question makes me a little sad.  Well, let's be honest they all sorta make me sad.

First, do I still run?  Yes, but on a very rare occasion.  I won't make excuses for not running.  I miss running consistently.  I seriously want to get back into running three days a week.  Even if it's only a couple miles.  I tweeted something to that effect around the end of last year.  And here we are on January 22nd and I have yet to run once this year.  Life is busy and inconsistent and my sleep habits are random, so the rare day that I get to sleep in or just relax, I take advantage of that.  Ranch life has it's own set of requirements, and come spring/summer time we will have more pigs, chickens, and possibly a cow.  That provides a lot more physical effort that a run.  Running used to be my "out" - my own time.  Now? Relaxing looks like reading, watching a movie, working on the house/yard/animals.

I am not signed up for any races.  There is a big part of me that wants to run the Reno race again...I've run it every years for the past four.  I've historically run the half.  There is no way I could do that again. I know I'm not in the right frame of mind to train like I need to and my running muscle memory is all but gone.  I am signed up for a couple of virtual races, but for me it will be less of a "race" and more of a motivator to get out and put some miles in.

Why do these first two questions make me sad? Because for the last 8+ years I have identified myself as a runner.  In 2013 I ran a total of 180 miles.  This included one full marathon and four half marathons.  Many of my friends (including the beautiful one that asked me this question) I met because of running and racing.  Now I feel like I've lost that part of me and don't have that common interest with those friends anymore.

The final question? When will Lisa see me again? Honestly, hooker? You need to get your ass out to Nevada.  Make it an adult-only trip and we will do it a week when we have no kids in the house.  Come visit us.  Two divorces and bills are making it near impossible for B and/or I to travel.  I would *LOVE* to see your new place though.  I miss you, SAH.

Tomorrow I will answer two more questions.  If anyone else has any questions or this sparked one, please ask and I will respond.


Brooke said...

I know I've said it before, but I'm proud of you for finding your happy place. even if it meant letting go of something really awesome (like consistent running) happy looks good on you. :)

ps - we'll always have Disney! (and my husband sitting on the toilet drinking natty ice - guess that makes he and I a match made in...the sewer?)

Thea @ It's Me Vs. Me said...

I agree that happy looks good on you. But I completely understand what you mean about not having that common interest anymore. Since I gave up running, I've often felt the same way. Here's to everyone doing their own thing!

Bari said...

I love that you blogged! I still think you are a runner, even if you aren't running consistently and I really miss you and want to visit you. This lack of a money tree really sucks donkey balls.


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